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Only Modes - 7 Modes in E

by Only Backing Tracks

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7 music backing tracks for singers and instrumentalists to practice vocals and improvisation

If you are confused about music modes and names like Mixolydian, Lydian or Locrian get you all intimidated, take it easy :)

Those are ancient names who belong to some regions that existed 2 thousands of years ago. Modes are normal scales. They just have different notes and each one of them has a certain taste and vibe to it.

This volume is designed for you to practice improvisation using the modes on guitar. However if you play any other instrument you can still have a good time with it. It's basically the parallel approach to understand the musical modes.

You will have to play all 7 music modes starting from the same root note E. This will easily and quickly let your ears hear the unique sound and the big difference between all modes.

Music modes are 7. In order they are:
1- Ionian
2- Dorian
3- Phrygian
4- Lydian
5- Mixolydian
6- Aeolian
7- Locrian

Like I said those names only refer to places or countries that used to play some mode in particular during their times. Start any backing track you choose, then check the scale chart of the mode you chosen.
Look at the notes and see how they are laid out all on the fretboard.

Play slowly and let your ears hear and feel each note you play. Soon you will be rocking your way playing modal solos.

Get extra material when you buy this album
1- Scale charts PDF you can print and visually practice all modes in E for right and left handed guitarists
2- Chord progressions PDF you can view to understand how each backing track is playing this could help you expand your music theory knowledge and help you play with chord changes.

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released March 3, 2019

All tracks are produced and composed by Mohamed Shawky (Only Backing Tracks)


all rights reserved



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